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Basement windows are basically meant to bring the much needed sunlight into the basement. It highlights this area, which otherwise would look like a dull, dark dungeon. However, if these windows are rusty and old, if the well is full of debris, and if there is rain water coming into the basement due to these reasons, your windows can become a big source of trouble for you. It might even invite in pests, and have a great impact on your home’s positive energy efficiency too. Such windows can make a huge mess. Water from snowfall, rain and sprinklers can go into the basement from these windows, and this extra water can create havoc along with some big hurdles down the road.

That is why it is indispensable to take care of your basement windows. If you encounter such a situation at any point of time, do not panic. Here are some solutions for leaky basement windows that can be of great help.

Examine Your Windows Meticulously: Steel and wood basement windows tend to rot or decay over time, leading to water intrusion. So when you notice water seeping in through these windows, you immediately need to take some steps. If your windows are old and outdated, you must replace them with double paned vinyl windows. These windows are impermeable to water and the seal does not decay easily when it comes in contact with the elements. When these windows are properly installed, they also stop air leaks which can make your basement extremely energy efficient.

Inspect Your Window Well Thoroughly: Conventional window wells can also be a big source of this problem. They are basically meant to allow sunlight to enter your basement, but these are usually left uncovered. Thus, they get filled up with debris, weeds, leaves, dirt and of course, rain and snow water. All these elements accumulate on them, and gradually find their way into your basement. Therefore, you must replace them with fiberglass covered window enclosures. They will not decay when they come in contact with wet debris and dirt, and the clear cover will keep leaves, weeds, rain and snow water from accumulating in its enclosures. They also have an extremely bright reflective surface that will bounce the sunlight into your basement, making it more energy efficient.

Yard Drainage: You must also take every possible step to control the pressure that pushes the rainwater against the walls. And this can only be achieved with a combination of good foundation and yard drainage. Also keep your gutters in good working condition always.

Repair Your Leaky Windows: In some cases, where the above measures cannot solve the problem, you can consider repairing your leaky windows. You can also use a Well Duct Drain to direct all the water into this drainage system. When the system is installed, a drain hole is drilled through the wall and it is lined with a small section of pipe. When the water rises enough to leak through your basement window, it instead goes through the wall into the channel, and finally into this drainage system.

So follow these simple solutions, and say goodbye to those leaky basement windows

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