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Whether you have water, dampness, musty smells, mold or cracked foundation walls in your basement or crawl space, we can handle it all. We have seen it all and fixed it all since 1978. Call for a FREE inspection.

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With the end of winter, starts the beginning of spring which means out with the cold and in comes the rain and the sun. While most areas may report fewer showers of rain, other areas usually experience extreme showers of rain which results in flooding.

Basements provide extra space to store household items therefore it is important to ensure that they are waterproof. Experts have determined that when home owners are looking to buy a home, they get to ask about whether the home is prone to leaking from the roof and the basement as well.

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Spring is here, time for basement waterproofing? Experts offer home owners various basement waterproofing solutions and some of them are discussed below.

Exterior water proofing:

Exterior waterproofing is a solution that is offered by experts across various states and its purpose is to ensure that water does not find its way into the basement. This is usually combined with drainage installation which on its part ensures that water is redirected to the storm drain therefore chances of basement flooding are eliminated.

Exterior waterproofing involves the installation of gutters, drain tiles, drain pipes, proper grading and other methods that eliminate the chances of water sloping towards the basement window or pooling around the house foundation. Experts usually dig around the foundation where they get to install rubberized moisture seals and pipes that will direct the water away.

Basement interior waterproofing:

best waterproofing solutionWater not only leads to the destruction of household items found in the basement, it also leads to the growth of mold. Mold is fungi that spreads in the air via their spores and are known to cause respiratory problems especially when one is exposed to them for some time.

Basement interior waterproofing involves the installation of drain pipes and channel drain at the base of the basement walls where they get to catch water and carry it away before it causes problems. Another method expert’s use is the installation of a water channel beneath the floor of the basement therefore containing water without allowing moisture in the interior.

Crack injection:

Cracks may occur on the foundation or the basement walls therefore leading to flooding when water seeps in through the cracks. The only way to ensure that water does not seep into the basement through the cracks is by sealing the cracks themselves.

Experts have come up with a suitable solution that has proven to work well and it’s called crack injection. There are two methods of filling in the cracks and the experts will be able to provide one that is suitable for your current problems.

The first crack injection method is known as urethane injection system and the method helps to create a water tight seal. Epoxy injection system is the other method and experts bond together the concrete therefore restoring its original strength.

Both methods ensure that water does not seep in during the rainy months of spring.

In conclusion, it is vital to ensure that your basement is waterproof as it will help to protect household items stored inside while also ensuring the integrity of the foundation and the basement as well. There are solutions experts provide to ensure your basement is waterproof and they include crack injection, exterior waterproofing, and interior waterproofing.

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