"Now is the best time to take care of that wet, leaky basement!"

Ameri-Dry is now offering Springtime Low Prices and 100% financing with no payments until June 2014. Even during the wettest months, Ameri-Dry can eliminate wet basement headaches, in most cases by solving the problem from the inside. Your basement can be snug & dry and you don’t have to wait for the summer heat. Water can enter your basement many different ways, but most often it is through Hydrostatic Pressure. This is pressure exuded by the sheer weight of accumulated ground water under and around your basements foundation. Water then forces its way in, usually through the cove area (where the floor meets the wall). However, when water enters from further up the wall there could be parging and cracking problems creating new entry points for the water.

Fortunately, There’s Ameri-Dry®

Ameri-Dry’s® patented waterproofing techniques are recognized by HUD, BOCA and by the Federal Trade Commission. Ameri-Dry® is the only waterproofing company in the nation to achieve this recognition. Ameri-Dry® offers a variety of proven waterproofing solutions for all basement water problems. First, a trained, courteous inspector will visit for a no-obligation inspection thoroughly checking walls, foundation, exterior grading, even things you might overlook such as gutters and landscaping). Secondly, a detailed job plan is designed explaining your water problem and how Ameri-Dry® can correct it. And finally, Ameri-Dry’s best price is left with you for your consideration. The great news is, this detailed inspection and analysis is FREE.

Be An Informed Customer

Ameri-Dry® supplies every customer with an important information packet to aid them in making an informed decision. Here are just a few examples: History Check - Note that Ameri-Dry® has never gone in and out of business under different names to avoid warranty obligations, as have other waterproofer’s. Ameri-Dry’s® own publication called “Why Basements Leak” (why some popular “cures” are doomed to fail and why others, like Ameri-Dry’s stop the water permanently). Introduction to our patented systems, including the now famous “Ameri-Drain” drain system. Company Warranties - Ameri-Dry’s Full Life of The Structure Warranty says it all ! No fine print, just total protection for you and your home, period! Customer Check List - learn how to select a reputable, qualified waterproofer and how to compare companies. See which agencies verify company credentials and claims. If there is a simple cure for your wet basement (extend a downspout, caulk an opening, light re-grading), Ameri-Dry will tell you the truth and not try to sell you something you don’t need. To quote Ameri-Dry System’s owner, Barry Antonelli, “our company’s reputation in each community and our customer confidence means more to me then a fast buck. Unfortunately there’s too much of that out there today. More than 45% of our business has come from customer referrals...unheard of in this industry. We succeed through honesty, fair pricing and quality workmanship. We’re not the other guy we’re Ameri-Dry.” For over 35 years Ameri-Dry has always stayed “one step ahead” of the competition offering low prices, quality work and permanent solutions. Beware of expensive drain systems that may clog or collapse, magic expanding powders or paints that leech then peel away. If your bothered by musty smells, wet spots or water leaks, or if you have any waterproofing and structural questions, Call Ameri-Dry Systems at 1-800-580-1964 for a free estimate. Do it right the first time and avoid the headaches later. Minor water problems could balloon into major repairs if left untreated. And don’t wait for snow to melt or until Springs heavy rains come. Ameri-Dry’s there for you now and with a permanent solution for all your basement water problems...proven since 1978. MHIC #128490


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