The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) reported that basement water leakage is the nation’s second most likely cause of economic loss today, amounting to over 20 billion dollars in damages or repair. The causes of water intrusion vary, but the results are always the same, damage and potential disaster. It was also reported by the United State Census Bureau, that basement water problems are the most commonly reported structural defect in homes today. Of the six million homes surveyed, 37% had water problems, while 19% of rental and commercial structures suffered from the same. If left uncorrected, basement water leakage could cause permanent damage, and even jeopardize the structural integrate of your home. This could leave you with a home that has actually decreased in value. Ameri-Dry® Waterproofing has the Permanent Fix for All Those Basement Leakage Problems. Ameri-Dry® Systems, Inc. is the holder of six waterproofing patents which are a culmination of over 35 years of research and are the most effective and innovative solutions in the industry. This waterproofing technology allows Ameri-Dry® to use their uniform procedures to solve a variety of leakage problems including:
  • High water tables
  • Hydrostatic pressure release
  • Faulty footing drain construction
  • Window and stairwell redirection
  • Stressed mortar joints
  • Wall and floor reinforcement
These patents include their Ameri-Drain© and Ameri-Seal. Ameri-Drain© drainage system is their most notable patent and is exclusively manufactured for Ameri-Dry® by BF Goodrich. According to an evaluation by FHA-HUD, "The Ameri-Drain© basement waterproofing system prevents basement leakage caused by either high water-table or by infiltration of ground water." This system effectively removes existing water from the footing and directs it away from the foundation via a sump pump, eliminating leaks and water damage for the life of the structure. Ameri-Seal© is exclusively manufactured for Ameri-Dry Systems by Ritchtech Industries and is completely impervious to water, rust, and deterioration. It is used to seal and fortify walls that would otherwise deteriorate with time due to the water seepage and pressure. These procedures turn once damp areas into useable living space. Many have tried to imitate the Ameri-Dry® Ameri-Seal© procedure, but none have succeeded. In fact, Ameri-Dry received its first certification of national importance when it reformulated this procedure to include anti-smoke, anti-flame and anti-toxic qualities. As a result, Ameri-Dry® received certification from BOCA (Building Officials Code Administrators). This action marked the difference between Ameri-Dry's® Ameri-Seal© and imitator's products. Rest assured, Ameri-Dry Systems will always be at the cutting edge of waterproofing technology which is your assurance of quality service and customer satisfaction. But, there is more. Their warranty is like none other in the industry: "Ameri-Dry® warrants all areas waterproofed to be free from water leakage for the full life of the structure, regardless of ownership, and will, at no additional cost to the customer, provide such labor and materials as required"...Period! There is no fine print...just total peace of mind and protection for you and your home. If you are experiencing basement water problems and you want to permanently resolve them, call Ameri-Dry® today! You'll be dealing with a waterproofing firm with a history that dates back more than thirty five years. Please, don't think a wet basement will get better...It will only get worse! Left uncorrected, it could possibly lead to dangerous and costly structural problems. Your home is your most valuable asset and you simply cannot afford to delay or fall prey to someone looking to sell you a cheap, inferior system. All of our Ameri-Dry® offices are full-time waterproofing specialists and they truly have the solution for every type of basement water problem in both residential and commercial buildings. Call for your FREE analysis and estimate at 1-800-580-1964 or visit us at www.KeepAmericaDry.com . It's time to enjoy a dry, comfortable, cozy summer in a Ameri-Dry Basement!