How to Remove Basement Mold

You’ve had severe water damage in your basement—and now you’re noticing mold too. Mold is not only harmful to the structure of your home, but it can also cause health issues for you and your family, particularly for those with asthma or allergies. Before you panic, take a deep breath and read our tips for how to remove basement mold and prevent future growth.

Basement Mold Removal

The best way to permanently rid your space of mold is to remove the existing mold and take steps to prevent recurring growth in the future. Here are some tips to help you with basement mold removal:
  • First, you need to find the source of the mold—water damage, flooding, plumbing leaks, drainage issues, high humidity levels, etc.
  • Once you locate the source of the problem, you need to fix the issue. A foundation repair company like Ameri-Dry® can help you fix any cracks or holes that are causing flooding to occur.
  • Remove any objects—furniture, boxes, rugs, etc.—that have mold growing on them.
  • Scrape off any visible mold using a spatula.
  • Use a bleach and water solution to remove less visible mold growth.
  • Dry out the area as best you can by opening windows for ventilation and running fans.
  • Purchase a do-it-yourself mold testing kit or, if you think your problems may be severe, contact a professional restoration company to thoroughly test your space for any hidden mold and remove it accordingly.
  • Waterproof your basement to prevent future water damage that can lead to mold or mildew growth.
Remember to wear gloves and protective equipment as you deal with any mold, as it can be hazardous otherwise, and to keep your basement as ventilated as possible throughout the process. If there is excessive mold or you want to avoid any hazards associated with mold, a restoration company is your best bet.

Foundation Repairs & Waterproofing Basements in MD, PA, VA, TN

Now that you’ve removed any existing mold and your home is finally safe to occupy once more, it’s important to take preventative measures so that this doesn’t happen again. As we mentioned above, you should have foundation repairs completed to repair the cracks, holes, and bowing walls that were impacted by water damage in the past. Once these issues have been dealt with, it’s also important to waterproof your basement so that water will be redirected away from your home, keeping your space clean and dry during future storms. Have you had recent mold damage in your home? Ameri-Dry® provides foundation repairs and waterproofing services in MD, PA, VA, and TN. Contact us today!