Why Waterproofing Your Crawl Space is Essential

When homeowners think about their crawl space, they tend to have visions of dark, musty, cramped spaces filled with cobwebs and creepy crawlies. Regardless of what your crawl space looks like, it is just as important to your house as the foundation. Here’s why . . . it is the gateway to your electrical and plumbing systems, and affects your home’s air circulation. Why do I need to worry about my crawl space? Dark and dingy though it may be, your crawl space serves in several capacities, including acting as the gateway to your electrical and plumbing systems. It also affects your home’s air circulation. Since your crawl space provides these vital services, it is important that it be kept in tip-top shape. Unmaintained crawl spaces often have exposed dirt floors. This is a major issue since the soil under your home can lead to mold, mildew, and moisture that make their way into your home. Besides being a health hazard, this environment can lead to structural damage, as mold and other pests eat away at the exposed wood frame. Here are a few more problems that can occur when your crawl space is left unmanaged. - Cold floors - Musty odors - Flooding and water damage - Damaged heating and cooling equipment How can I take care of my crawl space? Without a doubt, the best way to take care of your crawl space is to have it waterproofed. This process can be fairly simple. You will first want to begin with waterproofing the ground underneath your crawl space. This will prevent further moisture, dirt, and mold from making their way into your home. The next step is to waterproof the walls of your crawl space both externally and internally. This process is done by coating the walls with a waterproofing material that is also used when waterproofing basements. This material will stop any exterior water, such as rain or flooding, from entering this area. What are the benefits of a waterproofed crawl space? - A stronger home. Mold, mildew, and pests can eat away at the wood framing, eventually causing large and expensive damage. - Healthier air to breathe. By preventing mold and moisture in the air, your crawl space can increase the circulation of healthy air in your home. - Lower energy costs. Encapsulating your crawl space leads to greater insulation of your home, meaning that you’re spending less on heating and cooling costs. - Longer lasting HVAC and electrical equipment. Moisture is the main culprit in deteriorating HVAC and electrical systems. By waterproofing your crawlspace you’re helping it work longer for you as well as making maintenance easier. - A more comfortable home. Your home will not be humid during the summer months and your floors will remain warm in the cold winter months. No matter how scary your crawl space may be, it is important to take care of it. This can prevent multiple problems that can wind up becoming costly. Prevention and proper maintenance are the only ways that you’ll be able to stop problems in your crawl space from happening. For more information on crawl space waterproofing and how Ameri-Dry Waterproofing can help, please contact us at 1-800-580-1964 or visit our website www.keepamericadry.com. With over 30 years of basement waterproofing experience, Ameri-Dry offers patented, permanently dry systems that are backed by a full lifetime warranty. For more information about Ameri-Dry and Ameri-Dry Guy, visit (www.keepamericadry.com), follow Ameri-Dry on Facebook or Twitter.