Why Is My Basement Always Wet

If you have a basement, you should know that water may seep in and cause problems with the structure, the flooring, the carpeting, and the furnishings, and even cause mold development. If you don't spend much time down there, a damp basement could be an annoyance, and if you're planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars transforming it into a livable space might be a disaster. Do you have puddles in your basement that never seem to drain? Then check out this post from Ameri-Dry® Waterproofing for advice on how to get rid of dampness in the basement.

Signs of a Wet Basement

You need to know the telltale indicators of dampness in the basement to see whether you have one. These indicators are not as obvious as, say, a puddle. Several common signs of a wet basement are listed below.
  • Concrete foundations drenched to their cores • Water dripping from the walls • A mildew or mold odor • Cracked or peeling paint • Carpet or wood flooring that is deteriorating • Pools of water on the ground • Wall and floor condensation

Common Causes of Wet Basements

Several different things can cause moisture in the basement, and here are eight of the most prevalent ones:

1. Failing Gutter System

A 1-inch rainfall may produce over a thousand gallons of runoff around your house. If your gutters and downspouts aren't doing their job, much of that water will seep into your basement.

2. Walkways and Patios That are Sloped Improperly

Water must be diverted away from the house; therefore, proper landscaping design is essential. Poorly designed or broken pathways and patios can direct water toward your house's foundation, leaving a damp and musty living space below.

3. Driveway Problems

Water can collect around your foundation and perhaps seep into your basement if it slopes slightly. This issue can be exacerbated if nearby properties also have inadequate drainage.

4. Indoor Leaks

Even if you don't live in the basement, you might still have a wet basement if you have leaking appliances or plumbing lines in your property. Dishwashers, toilets, and washers suffer from this issue because of improper or defective drainage.

5. Cracks in Your Concrete

Over time, the foundation of every home eventually sinks and develops cracks. It is a really widespread problem. However, if you don't fix these cracks, water will eventually find its way inside.

6. Leaks in Your Sprinkler

A misdirected sprinkler in the garden might be the source of moisture in the basement. Sometimes a gradual leak from an outside water faucet or garden hose is to blame.

7. Leaning Landscape

The landscape must slope away from your home to prevent water from pooling around your home's base. Overflow from gardens that flow toward rather than away from the house might cause flooding in the lower levels of the building.

8. Interior Humidity

Condensation can form in the basement when indoor humidity levels are too high. Musty odors and flaking paint on walls without obvious leaks might indicate a humidity problem.

Why Waterproof your Basement?

Ameri-Dry® can fix any problem with water, humidity, mildew, musty odors, or broken foundation walls in your basement or crawlspace. All Ameri-Dry® systems seal off the eight potential points of basement water entry. BOCA-ES (Building Officials Code Administration Evaluation Service) examined and deemed our patented waterproofing technologies effective. Almost everything with a basement is at risk from flash floods because of the depth to which it goes below ground. The basement should be waterproofed to protect any stored items from water damage. Protecting against mold and mildew requires proper basement waterproofing. Moisture in the basement due to rain or snowfall may produce mold and mildew even if there is no flooding. It raises the risk of harmful mold and mildew growths, which can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies and produce symptoms such as coughing and skin irritation.

Ameri-Dry®: The Solution to Your Wet Basement Woes

Waterproofing a basement in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding region keeps the house dry and free of mold and mildew. Ameri-Dry®, the industry leader with over 45 years of expertise, offers the Basement Waterproofing Solution you're looking for! Please contact us today for a free estimate and inspection.  

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